img RockMelt Impressive social networking browser

RockMelt is a browser using Google's framework, and users familiar with Chrome should feel right at home as the browser looks much like it cosmetically. However, RockMelt brings a unique perspective to the browser market in that it is integrated with Facebook like nothing we have seen before.

Users will need a Facebook account to get the most from this software. In fact, even casual users of the social media giant may find that this browser relies too heavily on this platform to be enjoyable. For the social media addict, however, RockMelt provides a great way to integrate their Facebook account with a browser in a very seamless way, allowing them to share their likes and other browsing activity with their Facebook friends.

RockMelt allows users to chat with their Facebook friends without being on the actual website, a feature that is sure to turn some people off to the browser as well. While the default sharing options can be tweaked to your individual preferences, the browser comes with a variety of pre-installed content that must be turned off or they will be automatically shared each time they are accessed on an individual's timeline.

Like Chrome, users have the ability to easily add and update any extensions to improve their browsing experience, and the browser is undoubtedly fast. With that said, it is a great option for those who use social media constantly and wish to be tapped in as much as possible, but many users may find that the Facebook applications on Chrome are more than enough to meet their needs, thus negating a switch to RockMelt.


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Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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